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Mountain Mods U2-UFO Case
Author: Mikki
Type: Review
Subject: U2-UFO Original Top Case
Article Date: March 4, 2005


I recently decided to expand my workstation by adding an immense amount of storage. Aside from the drives and a RAID card, I placed myself in the market for a new case. My current case, the CoolerMaster ATC-201, simply isn't large enough for all these components. It could accommodate the extra drives and card, but the airflow through the case would be severely choked. Even if I cut holes to route the airflow through the side of the case I would still be left with a problem cooling the drives. I not only wanted a case which could handle the expansion, but one that would allow for future expansions as well.

Choosing a case isn't easy. A lot of it is personal preference, as some may care about one feature which others won't. It's hard for any review site to declare a single case to be the top of it's class when so much of it comes down to personal taste. Armed with a list of features I wanted, I started looking at server cases, branching out here and there when I would come across something that caught my eye.

One of those cases which struck my fancy was the U2-UFO from Mountain Mods. It seemed a bit fancy for what I was going to use it for, but the more I compared features the more I was convinced…this was what I was looking for.

The U2-UFO

About Mountain Mods

You can visit the Mountain Mods website at They have a nice line of varied and unique cases as well as a nice selection of parts and components for modding. After looking into the company, I found that Mountain Mods is a lot different from other case manufacturers. One of the first things that I noticed was they do custom work. How many times have you looked at your case and wished there was a way to change one thing? Or add something? Or have the same case, just bigger? That's a very handy option for the enthusiast. Mountain Mods offers customizations such as custom laser etchings, custom case designs and even customizations to existing cases.

Mountain Mods was founded by enthusiasts, people who have been working in the industry for 20+ years, and they seem very much dedicated to producing high quality products as opposed to mass quantities. They produce a few hundred units every few months, which allows them to make changes and improvements far easier than companies that produce thousands at a time. It also allows them to maintain a high level of quality control, where problems can be identified and corrected in a short amount of time. Mr. Ben Rising from Mountain Mods told me "The single greatest benefit (of smaller runs) is the ability to constantly evolve a product based on user evaluation and suggestions." Mountain Mods actively encourages consumer suggestions, and it's obvious that past customers have had a great role in the evolution of their products.

I would like to thank Mr. Rising for providing me with an insight of Mountain Mods, the U2-UFO, its design and construction.

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