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Aspire X-Plorer Case
Author: Mikki
Type: Review
Subject: Aspire X-Plorer Case
Article Date: April 26, 2005


In order to choose the best-performing hardware for a new system or an upgrade, those working on a strict budget generally settle for an uninspiring case. It's always better to put your money into what makes your system run faster or better rather than how it looks, and if you have a limited amount of cash for a case, you may have to settle for something of low quality and/or cheap looks.

Today's case manufacturers have taken great strides to produce cases that separate themselves from the old "beige box" image, and that separation usually costs the consumers. A few manufacturers have a budget line that offers low-cost units that, at the very least, are relatively visually appealing. Aspire, for instance, offers the X-Plorer line, which is the affordable, more compact version of the X-Navigator line. These cases have the same appearance of their big brothers as well some of the same features, and are made for those on a tight budget.

Aspire was kind enough to send BleedinEdge an X-Plorer for review, a slick-looking black version.

The X-Plorer

About Aspire

You can visit the Aspire website at

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