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    Default Virus?

    Last week there was this thing on AOL Instant Messenger (possibly a virus) than when someone would put up an away messege it would have something like "Click here to see pictures from my beach vacation" even though that person never put that there. Within the away message it had a link to see the pics but when I and other people I know clicked on it all you saw was a quick flash of a command promp window and that was it. Im guessing it was a virus but cant find anything about it nor can I find anything on my PC. However, after clicking on this I cant seem to login on any websites using IE. I get the messege in the pic. After looking in internet options I cant seem to find anything to fix this. Its only IE logins thats weird, everything else on my system couldnt be better...can anyone help out here? Anyone else see the weird away messege?
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    I should also add that Mozilla works fine with logins, just IE has changed.

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    One more thing, after looking some more everyone seems to be finding the virus and what it does is that it disables ctrl alt delete, disables running msconfig, and changes the away message to what I had posted above. None of that has happened to me, it seems to have only messed up my IE logins, but all the other probs people are having Im not.

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    I found that but I cant find any of the files mentioned there, so it seems like maybe I didnt get anything...but after dling the file my IE messed up, but thats it, no trojans, no files, no nothing, just IE messing up.

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    why did you click on that!!!, i would never have clicked on anything like that ...i don't know man...but when i got that coolweb search crap ....nothing was detecting it either...but you better believe it was there

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    The reason I clicked on it was because it was from someone I knew, I saw no reason not to.

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    Are you sure that it is not spyware?

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