I'm having some issues with my Tritton Ax Pro headsets and tired of beating my head against walls am seeking outside help. I originally purchased my Ax Pros for use with my Playstation, but have since moved more into PC gaming and would desperately like to continue using my 5.1 Dolby Digital headset. The issue that I am having is that I cannot get anything other than stereo sound out of them. I have a Creative X-Fi Sound Blaster sound card which has the Dolby Digital Live codec and am using an Optical cable. The optical cable is connected to the Dolby Digital Decoder box. In my Volume Control options, S/PDIF Out shows connectivity to the X-Fi optical jack but within the Properties, under the Advanced tab I am only offered 2 Channel, 24 Bit sound options. I have enabled DDLive within the Creative Audio Control Panel and the Dolby Digital light is illuminated on the decoder box. If I "Test" the sound I am able to hear it though the headset, but no other applications produce any sound.

I am at a loss and don't know where to go from here.