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Thread: Projects with outdated team info N-Z

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutcase View Post
    Get to work!
    Nuerona- updated
    Number Fields- updated
    Optima- founder change initiated
    Pirates- John Keck
    PrimeGrid- Xaak, founder change initiated
    Raplm-m00kie, waiting for my cpid to propagate before initiating founder change
    Rioja Science- updated
    Rosetta- Xaak, founder change disabled
    SETI beta- John Keck, Kinguni
    SIMAP- Xaak
    SLinCA- Kinguni
    Spinhenge- John Keck founder change initiated
    Sudoku- Saedaen Iventhorizon
    Sztaki- Xaak
    Lattice- John Keck
    WCG- Xaak
    YAFU- updated
    Yoyo- John Keck founder change initiated
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