Hey all of you.
I just bought a HAF-X case.
Going to do a review of it (even though there are like a billion out there already).

Looks like I wll have to start making my images smaller so they will be able to upload to this server (my last review kinda sucked because the pics were VERY large, and also they wont show the whole pic when uploaded to file share).

So, any ideas on making my pics smaller in size without losing much detail?

What I was doing was:
Taking the pic (12mb camera).
Cutting out what I dont want.
Using Photoshop cut-rate-version to white out everything but what I want.

It seems that when I do the white-out thing, that is actually adding another layer?
And since I just save it, it is usually bigger than the actual pic was.
I have to bond the layers or something, then save?

Anyway, I think the limit is something ridiculous like 80kb per jpg.

Any thoughts on how to get a 1-2mb file down to <90kb ?