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Thread: New direction for case air flow

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    The approach I outlined comes from Black Viper himself for testing gpu core (at least it was until the new series of cards came out). There is different approach to use to max the mem temps and watch for artifacts (3DMark03 troll layer).

    Are you interested in running a comparison of the two approaches to see which stresses the gpu more?

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    Have you tried rthdribl? It's a free program (unlike the pro versions of 3dm), I'd love to see what differences if any you found in max GPU temp.

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    Ok, so I fixed my shutdown bug on my rig (Core temp + AMD X2 = bad) and I had some time too bench and measure my system.

    So, here goes.

    This is for the setup without the extra heat pipes, I pick those up today.
    CPU is 5% oc by way of FSB, GPU 600/900.

    RoomT 26,5(Delta)

    CPU 42(15,5) 74(47,5) (2 x cpuburn 1h)
    GPU 57(30,5) 76(32,5) (3DMark06, 9724pts)

    Idle temp on the GPU was unaffected by the cpuburn cycle, I would say my caseT is affected less then 1C during 1h of 100%CPU.

    Im pretty happy with this, Thou I still intend to heatpipe the gpu too the chassie, and also perhaps the memory.

    Clock on....

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    Near silent system!

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