This room on the BleedinEdge is one of the things that make these forums and the site special. All of the reviewers on the BleedinEdge are users...we don't get paid and we pay for the hardware we review. User reviews is what the BleedinEdge is built on and we encourage that.

We've created this room for those of you who'd like to post reviews, guides, or info that other users may find useful. Reviews or guides that are well-written and are testing in a way that yields sound results will make the front page of the BleedinEdge.

This forum is to be strictly on topic. Threads started by members must be a review or a 'how-to' guide. Please post threads with tips, tricks, tweaks or other related info in the appropriate forum. Replies to threads will be on topic, and must be related to the subject of the thread. Comments, questions and suggestions are all welcome, but please keep them on topic.