This does'nt happen too often, but I had a good chunk of $ to go towards a media PC and hopefully my impulse online shopping won't be a compatability nightmare....

I started out with:

1) OCZ powerstream 600ADJ PSU
2 ) I purchased the TigerD Intel D945Pvs MOBO/P840 Combo
3) OCZ pc 5400 DDR2 667 DC 1024MB (2x512 MB) 240 Pin compatible w/ Intel D945Pvs MOBO?
4) ATI Pro PcIe 1600xt, 16x 512MB.
5) SB Audigy Zs Platium
And a few other things that I will get back 2 ya.

Is there something that I am missing, given the little bit given so far? I rate myself as a "8" as far knowledge, PC hardware student
I am welcome to all suggestions