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Thread: Intel's DDR Dynamic Paging Mode - What is it?

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    Question Intel's DDR Dynamic Paging Mode - What is it?

    You all have probably already addressed this. If so, I could not find it by searching. And Bleeding Edge is OCX Memory right. Since I have some good ol OCZ 3700 Gold DC 2x256 Dual sided memory I figured I could get these questions answered intelligently here.....

    I have read Intel's Intel® 875P Chipset Memory Configuration Guide White Paper dated April 2003. In discussing the 875P Chipset as used my Asus p4c800e-deluxe, the article states:
    "The MCH supports the following modes of operation:
    1. Virtual Single-Channel (VSC) or Single-Channel Mode.
    2. Dual-Channel Lock Step mode (DS). (DS Linear Mode)

    The 875P chipset also supports a special mode of addressing – dynamic addressing mode. ALL the above-mentioned modes can be enabled with/without dynamic paging mode."

    I understand single channel, virtual single channel, dual channel linear mode; ...but what is dynamic addressing and/or paging mode??

    Intel states: " When the MCH is configured to operate in this mode, Front-Side Bus (FSB) to Memory Bus address mapping undergoes a significant change compared to that of in a linear operating mode (normal operating mode). In non-dynamic paging mode, the Rank selection (Rank or ROW
    indicates the side of a DIMM) via chip select signals, is done based on the size of the ROW. For example, for a 512-Mb 16MX8X4b will have a ROW size of 512 MB, selected by CS0#, and only four open pages can be maintained for the full 512 MB. This will lower the memory performance (increases READ latencies) if most of the memory cycles are targeted to that single ROW resulting in opening and closing of accessed pages in that ROW."

    Beyound this point is unknown territory for me. Is intel addressing DRAM configurations on a DIMM as having something to do with "Dynamic Paging Mode" If so, does that mean DIMMs that are not DRAM configured in a certain way are incapable of Dynamic/Paging Mode?

    When I boot my Asus P4c800e-d with 875P chipset and 2x256 PC 3700 OCZ double side DIMM modules, the bios screen says "Dual Channel, Linear Mode".

    How do confirm or configure that the system operates in Intel's "Dynamic Paging/Dynamic Addressing Mode" ?

    thank you.
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