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Aww Freddy stop making me sweat please... I knew it was too good to last!!

To the mighty 486's!! Wield the death blow and let me return to the lesser ranks as a lowly PWN'ED subject once more!!!

Alas, I may still breath easy as long as that lowly knave Snafu doth not hold the record!!

Ok, stop sweating: the time has come!... My System 2 has finished the Super PI (v1.1e) 32M Test in: ... HEAR THE DRUMS ... ... 35h 35m!!!

And to make it even worse, System 3 is about to finish its run and even though it is the most modern 486 EVER, it is a little slower than System 2: it is PCI (instead of the good old VLB ) based and it has an Enh. Am486DX5-160 in L1-WriteBack mode with 512 kB (instead of 1 MB) of WriteBack L2 Cache, 64 MB of 50 ns EDO (instead of FastPage) memory running at 40 MHz and a 120 GB IBM Deskstar 120GXP at UDMA-66 (instead of PIO Mode 5)!!!