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Thread: BE Info and Welcome

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    Default BE Info and Welcome

    We would like to welcome you to BleedinEdge, or "BE" as it is affectionately called. Whether you are here on a first-time visit, a regular lurker, or a new member, welcome and thank you for visiting our site. Please take a couple seconds to read the information below. Find out what BE is all about and what it can offer you as a member.

    About BleedinEdge

    BE is a site dedicated to hardcore computing. We are a small, personal site with content geared toward the enthusiast, whether they are a newcomer or an experienced expert. We are a friendly community of hardcore overclockers, modders and enthusiasts.

    About Our Community

    Our community is the heart of BE, and our members make it what it is. There would not be a BE if it wasn't for our members, and we aim to thank them by making our community the best possible. Our regular members include some of the best, most knowledgeable, and even famous enthusiasts around. We thrive on community involvement and welcome novices and pros like no other community on the Web. We are proud of our helpful, friendly members and promote a great atmosphere to learn, to help and to make friends. We encourage you to Become A Member (it's FREE!), then drop by and post in our Introduce Yourself forum to see for yourself!

    What We Offer Our Members

    The features offered at BleedinEdge are catered toward our members. We provide a great community for members to hang out, learn and teach; and we are extremely proud of that. Along with an outstanding friendly atmosphere, BE offers to our members:

    -- A feature rich forum that is well organized and easy to use. We are constantly updating and adding new features to our forum, and work very hard to provide the best place possible.
    -- A Choice of Styles, the site features both a light style and a dark style to suit your taste.
    -- Resident experts in almost every field of computing who are happy to help people learn and assist with their problems.
    -- Custom profiles where you can enter your rig info and even post a photo of your system.
    -- Personal web pages where you can construct a space to your liking and: tell people about yourself; show off your computers, mods, etc; as well as photos. Create your own little corner on BE!
    -- Dedicated forums for most aspects of hardcore and general computing including hardware, architecture, modding, cooling, encoding, cases, and even forums for you to show off your own reviews, benchmarks and guides.
    -- A system to allow members to contribute to BE in numerous ways as well as a promotion system to reward them for their contributions.
    -- A Folding Team dedicated to working together for a good cause: helping science and curing diseases. It's also a fantastic way to make friends and share tips about pushing your rigs to the limit.
    -- A well organized For Sale and Trade section where you can sell, buy or trade computing products with other members.
    -- A helpful, friendly staff who actually listen to the needs of the members and work to meet those needs.
    -- An up to the minute News Section where you can catch up on all the latest and greatest from the enthusiast community.
    -- A Member Of The Month contest that recognizes our many special members.
    -- Other contests and competitions from time to time that encourage friendly competition and help get the most out of your computer system.

    If you are looking for a way to jump in an get involved, here is a selection of on-topic and off-topic forum threads that you can visit and tell us a bit about yourself:

    Introduce Yourself!!
    Post Your Benchmarks
    Post Photos Of Your Computer Room
    Post Your Case Mods
    Check Out What's Going On In The Mod Forum
    Join The BE Folding Team
    Post Your Favorite Motherboard Mod
    Into Photography? Post Your Photos
    Tell Us What You're Jammin' To
    Check Out Our Member Of The Month Contest
    Tell Us What Your Username Means

    Above all, welcome to our site. If you are just visiting, take a second and Become A's FREE! If you are a new member, welcome! Please stop in and introduce yourself!

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    The message is getting really long. . . .

    (NW)P4 3.4C | SL793 | Malay | Batch: L342B422 | Pack date: 1/10/04

    ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe 1016 Bios

    2 * 512MB OCZ 3700 EB's DDR's

    BFG 6800 Ultra OC | 2 * WD Raptors - RAID 0 on ICH5-R | Viewsonic VX2000 20" LCD


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