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  • darkstar... revisted

    Hello all

    I am friends with Mikki whom I met at the then ASUS Boards. He would probably deny it.

    Late bloomer into the computer world, was 35 ( 12 years ago, do the math ) when I built my first P2 with an ABIT board. Since then I have built about 100 or so. Found out if you have just enough talent to do this you become popular.... about the same way you are popular when owning a pickup and people who know you move.

    Anyway I am 47 years old, former musician and married to a woman I met online. She is from Brazil. I live in northern Illinois.


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    Welcome Darkstar Cool little Bio.


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      to The BleedinEdge. We will try not to hold knowing Mikki against you I thought you would deny knowing Mikki

      When folks found out I work on computers I also let them know that I have a business for this sort of stuff. It sure did help cut down the calls for free help (even though I do help out good friends and family when I can).

      How are you finding asus boards (aka ABX) lately? Have you been there recently?

      Profile - Webpage

      You can't live life without living - me

      Nothing is that important that it must be done today as long as you will wake up tomorrow - me


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        to BE


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          Some of the best are right here!!!!

          Make yourself at home

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          "If you do what you've always done. You get what you always got."


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            Welcome, darkstar.

            Every day I try to follow Gods will. Every day, I struggle immensely with my human nature.


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              Thanks for the welcome.

              ABX_Zone is doing fine, went thru some growing pain awhile back. Wish it could have been done without the carnage though. Lost track of a few friends during that time.