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User Name...what's it mean??

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  • Greetings and salutations,

    My username is a spritual statement...


    • Not much story with this name, as its young (less than 1 year). Mursaat are the evil ones in Guild Wars (online MMORPG). Choose it because it sounded good, but has nothing to do with myself . Now with the interesting (well, hmm maybe not ) part:

      Before mursaat I was Momo. I choose it the first time I went to a ciber-cafe, playing Quake 2 (back in '95? can't remember). The people there said "You must choose a name". I though "already have a name xD". But they went "no, an original, cool name". So it was in the time I was reading the Michael Ende book. It sounded good, fast and easy to remember. So I stuck to Momo. Even now everybody calls me Momo (family, friends, even at work).

      But I found a lot of times explaining why me (male) was named after a girl's name. Also people was always asking "did you liked the book?" "is this for the car's wheels?". So I got tired and changed it. Also recently I joined a car's forum dedicated to VAG cars, and I thought it was going to be severely linked with this: , and that was not the case.

      What do you think? mursaat or Momo?


      • its the town I live in new smyrna beach


        • when i was younger i used to drink oldstock beer 6.2% allcohol// we called the beer hightest
          since i allways drank oldstock they started calling me hightest

          when i was picking my forum name i was having a beer [lite beer cant handle the strong stuff anymore] and hightest popped into my head i thought it sounded kinda neat so i choose it


          • hmm well mine is my first name and the first letter of my last name (complicated aint it?)


            • Originally posted by FB
              my is pretty easy to decipher, except the "-|-+" people never get that is a plane....

              on ABX i am "FB -|-+" which is the same name, only shortend and people always mistake it for FBI
              same nic, only shorter now


              • My nick goes back to a name that was given to me in school, I think it was six-pak.

                One of the guys in the decision making loved beer and always was looking for a reason to put a beer related nick on a newcomer. My last name gave them an out, it's a stretch, but an out to do something with regard to beer.

                I use Syxpack whenever I can on the internet, the spelling is typically not used on internet sites.

                On sites that seem to have it before I get there, I use TrueSyxpack.
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                • Old_geekster50 is saying that I am "old" and a "geek". I have been into computers since 1984; old, huh? The "50" is because I am a 50's Rock 'N Roll musician -- play guitar and sing.


                  • mine is a combination of two of my favorite things. NIN for Nine Inch Nails and the audio because I'm very into car audio and home audio. I've been using this nick for the last 10+ years...


                    • Nothing really , it's a modified form of the screen name that I used to use when my high school comp-sci teacher let us come in after school and fire up UT on the network. Of course I stole that name from Babylon 5 but whatever.


                      • From the anime manga series Candidate for Goddess ( or, pilot candidate, originally Megami Kouhosei in japan.)

                        Main character is Rei Enna, They call him Zero because rei is also 0 in japanese.
                        Really like the show, and later the manga. Have had it since my first forum going. Also my email has be candidatezeroenna since then too. From the same series. I am did not choose it just becasue it sounded cool like alot of people.

                        The Aka was Also Known As, being it my online self. But on a free server of Ragnarok online they didn't allow all caps in your name so AKA, became Aka, and so it started being read "Ah-ka" And Aka is red in japanese, so it accidentlly became Red-Zero, Like the japanese red sun. A multi use name.

                        Also liked zero becasue as a number it is the unknown force. mutiply anything times zero, and only zero is left.

                        But call me AKA, Aka, or Zero, whatever you want.


                        • This thread isn't dead yet! Clear! Bzzzzzzt! We've got a pulse!

                          NiCu.. And I See You.. What little schooling I did was for computer stuff, with a focus on networks. Since I knew how to work the networks better then most, I could usually see what you were doing. Hence, "and i see you". It's also a song by Phish.

                          I strayed from this nick for a bunch of years and started using another on and off for a decade or so, but when I got back into tech as a hobby and not just a job, I brought this moniker out of retirement.


                          • About twenty years ago I ran across an interesting book named Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze in a used book store. I bought it, read it, and I was hooked. I spent the next 15 years or so trying to hunt up the rest of the books in the series. I managed to collect about 2/3rds of them before I gave in to reality and realized I would probably not be able to finish the collection. I am still big fan though and wish they would make a TV series based on the books. I did finally manage to read all of the books though thanks to a cd with the entire collection of books in PDF format that I found on eBay.


                            • pobolycwm is welsh for people of the valley

                              been using it as a nick back from me bbs days on the old 086


                              • not sure if I did this or not so......

                                My user name means I use to haul Logs. :deviltail