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User Name...what's it mean??

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    well i made this name when i came in here. i could not think of nothing so i used cwa for the union i'm in and and i am really glad for the union so i made it cwa4me. i just came up with in the time it took me to fill out the member


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      Too Funny

      YOUR AVATAR REMINDS ME OF THE MOVIE OFFICE SPACE? "I told those No Talent A$$ clowns I liked Michael Bolton"

      *besides great minds think alike!
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        Just cuz I am............


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          This guy I used to work with started calling me joeman. It stuck.


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            When I was younger I had the odd bad habit/talent* of sneaking up on people and staring at them. This earned me the nick name of "spook".

            I started getting into games and descided to use the nick name spook. Edventually one of my friends thought he saw 'me' online when it wasn't. So I added "BGP"--my initials--for a personal touch.

            *I say talent as a jest. I was, however, very good at "spooking" people. Either form sneaking up on them unintentionally or form staring at them--the latter being a bad habit. I have since done away with staring--expect when it is funny and would be taken so--and have reduced the frequency I accidentally sneak up on people.
            My Lord I am weird!


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              Numbers & more Numbers?????????

              Class Numbers mean somethin to some folks?
              I dunno when yer some of a few, then I guess numbers mean more than you know.
              Laws of Attrition rule! Eliteism is just another handle for EGO.itus.

              BTW I'm not related to Carl Weathers! Tito ain't my Bro..
              & Janet hasn't returned an of my Xmas cards.

              Riot at "Pimp of the Year" Awards Linked to Trophy Store Error
              Aug 27 2003 by Allen Voivod

              An error made by the clerk at Mount 'Em High Trophy Shop in South Atlanta sparked a riot at the 312th Annual "Pimp of the Year" Awards. Miraculously, there were no fatalities, though dozens were injured.

              "The best we can figure is, little Matty Ginrod over at Mount 'Em High mixed up the pimps' trophy order with some other order," police lieutenant Robert Cloran said. "It's almost as bad as when he mixed up the Navy SEAL diplomas with the pottery class certificates."

              The trouble began almost immediately, as Megan Radburn won the night's first award, for "Phattest Ride." When she failed to appear, the crowd began to get restless. The second award, "Rollin' Hoes for Distance," went to Randy Tennenbaum. Pimps started throwing down left, right and center, then scattered when the SWAT team moved in.

              At Fulton General Hospital, the scene descended further into chaos. Arming themselves with crutches, IV poles and sharpened plastic drool trays, a number of pimps tried to settle old scores or blame rival pimps for the awards mishap. The melee spilled out of the emergency room and down the street to the conveniently located Mount 'Em High Trophy Shop, which was then looted in a very orderly fashion.

              On the other end of the mix-up, a dozen children aged 18-36 months received their graduation certificates from the "Toddler Tumblers" class at the local YMCA. The plucky kids, including MC Pimpfandango, Dynamite White, Grandmaster Bitchsmacker, and Bling-Bling the Chinese Pimp posed for photos that will be posted on the "Welcome" board at the front desk.


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                Does "Drufuss" mean something to you?

                For me Drufuss has no real meaning. When i had to use a nickname this was the first one that popped into my mind.

                If you google for it, you may find a DJ somewhere using the same name, but i donŽt know him and he doesnŽt know me. Maybe when heŽs reach and famous sometimes iŽll sue him (or heŽll sue me).




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                  Mine was easy.. I am just plain Crazy


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                    Well you see, my first forum was the official Master of Orion 3 forum. This was a little after I first discovered Master of Orion II, and had been "pwning" the comp with the Psilons on Impossible difficulty level for about 2 weeks. I decided "Hey, its a MoO forum, the Psilons get friggen awesome tech advantages, so I'll name myself Psilon_Tech! Well, after MoO3 disappointed, I wandered the forum waste-lands and I eventually dropped the _, leaving me with my current username, Psilontech! (Too Bad the moo forum died, I was one of the last 'elders' left...)


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                      MrD is the name i use as a d j / rec producer and my name is Mark D`alcorn only myself and my dad left so the buck stops with me and i don`t want kids so that`s it.


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                        It's what i do. I repair Coke machines.


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                          i always liked mel gibsons madmax movies/character and one of my friends starting calling me that after i bought my 5.0L mustang (for obvious reasons), and it just stuck and sOOpEr NoOb well thats because when it comes to computers it perfectly describes me


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                            i chose thunderrat as its so easy to remember, sounds fairly crazy and thunder + rats = an intresting yet unusual combination


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                              My name is a name that might be orkish - i found out that name whwn i read a fantasy book about orcs, and also i was playing Newerwinter Nights, thts how my name was found!


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                                Let me guess - you play WoW too?

                                I love Warcraft. It is such a hoot to play especially the Orc side of the game.

                                Profile - Webpage

                                You can't live life without living - me

                                Nothing is that important that it must be done today as long as you will wake up tomorrow - me