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BE: How to Guide to the new features!

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  • BE: How to Guide to the new features!

    This Guide is to show everybody how to use the new features used at BE:

    1. Blogs

    I will get to this later

    2. MOTM and Reputations

    First, Sorry guys, But Member of the Month (MOTM) is Gone. I just cannot get the Code to work right with the New Forum version. Besides it gets broken everytime we do an Upgrade.


    the new Forums have a feature Called 'Reputations'.

    At the bottom of each Post there is a star with a line under it. (see the attached pics). if you click that link, it will bring up a window where you can approve or disapprove a post and enter a comment.

    This will give a user extra points which will go towards his reputation. when the Points build up to a certain point, his reputation level will be increased.

    The reputations I will be using to evaluate new Members on the Edge (MOTE).

    Another New Feature is the Post Thank you function. At the bottom of each Post, will be a button Called Thanks. If you find the Post helpful, then press that and it will give a thank you to the User. Each time you use the Thank you Post function, It will give reputation points to the user.

    In other words, You guys will actually be picking the next Member on the Edge

    3. Post Reporting

    In the same above Pics, You will see a triangle with a question mark in it. This is for reporting a post.

    Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

    Clicking that will bring up a page where you can enter the Reason and when you Submit, a message will be sent to ALL mods and Admins so we can take Corrective Action.

    NOTE: Do not use this if you find an error in the website or have a registration problem. Only I can make certain Modifications to the website.

    At the bottom of each Page, There is a link called 'Contact Us'. This you can use for any other reason. This sends an Email Only to me!

    4. Albums

    Every User can create their own Photo album. Photographers who want to store their Pics here, Or Benchers who want to keep their Benchmarks, Or modders who want to show off their Rigs are encouraged to use this!

    NOTE: Absolutely no Pornography will be allowed in the Albums!

    If you want to see an example of an Album, Look at my Profile:


    After you Create your Album and upload the Pics, it will create links Just like Imageshack, etc will do. You can use these links Just like you do with the other Image Hosting sites.

    Note: The reason I enabled this feature is that the other sites are sometimes causing some slowing of BE. Also, I have plenty of storage space to handle your Files.

    5. Groups

    Still figuring out this feature!