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  • Forum rules

    The basic forum rules are listed here and have been the same for years:

    Forum Rules

    this Link is also at the bottom of every forum here.

    BUT, Some things have changed and Must be clarified and these are about Spamming.

    1. The use of Links will Be allowed in your Signatures if they are to: Your own website or Blog, to Websites related to this Site, I.E. Other overclocking websites, Hwbot, Etc.

    2. Links in signatures to Porn sites, Viagra, Etc will result in immediate Ban.

    3. Links to commercial websites Not sexual in nature will result in an infraction and a warning. second time will result in Banning.

    4. Spamming users through the use of PM's will result in an Immediate Ban as soon as it is reported.

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    Does this also go for BOOBS ?


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      Originally posted by lakeside2189 View Post
      Does this also go for BOOBS ?

      You want to be "miserable"

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