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    On the SMP client, what does the -local flag do?

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    My guess is that it does the samething as when used in the regular console client. I'm not 100% sure though. Sorry I can't be anymore help/any help at all.

    Also on the SMP client I only run the -forceasm flag. That makes sure that the client uses the SSE/3DNow assembly instructions.

    -local: Use configuration files from local directory. This option has no meaning on Linux, but is vital on Windows and Macintosh for running multiple clients on a machine. It instructs the client to read its config information from the client.cfg file in the current directory rather than, on Windows, from the installation directory specified in the registry, or, on Macintosh, the Library/Folding@home directory. Information such as the user name, team name, proxy information, machine ID are maintained in the client.cfg file. The flag ensures that work does not conflict. Use "-local" only if you are planning on running more than one instance of Folding@Home on the same machine (this is only useful if you are running on a multi-processor machine). Create as many directories as there are processors on the machine, copy the exe files and client.cfg file into each of these directories, run "FAH3Console -local -config" on each and specify unique machine IDs for each directory (under the Advanced Settings option). From then onwards you may run each copy by switching to its directory and running with the -local flag.


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      cool, thanks for the info. I now have my client running on 8 cores!


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        Thats good cause I had to reduce to nearly nothing on my quad at home so gonna be a big drop here :/


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          Oh no, what happened?


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            Basic reason is its getting warmer and we don't have AC, second to that is just the added cost of running the systems on 'ye old electric bill.'

            Still have a few at work going, but at home out of pockets expenses need a breather for now.

            So one quad, and a PS3 are idle for a while at least.


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              Understandable. Running 2 boxes and a PS3 I really don't notice my bill going up much.