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How to Vote for MOTM

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  • How to Vote for MOTM

    Just a quick note in case anyone is cunfuzzed....

    To Vote:

    You simply click on the "Vote for XXX for MOTM" link, which is located on the member's profile page as well as in the drop-down menu when you click on a member's name in a thread.

    How it Works:

    You only get one vote per month, but you can change it as many times as you like...the code only counts your last vote. The voting is completely anonymous. You click a button to vote and at the end of the month the code spits out the winner. We hope this will encourage more participation to give our hard-working members their due.

    Who You Can Vote For:

    You simply vote for the member whom you think has contributed to BE and our community (helpful, skilled, good-natured, good-poster, good-looking, etc) the most, and at the end of each month whomever wins will have their name plastered all over the site. Most anyone is fair game as long as they're a member....members, Crew members and OCZ staff members. The only exception are the Admins who can see who has received a vote.

    Remember this is for your. Our valued Members!

    Good luck to all, and thanks again for making BE what it is!