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So, where are all these new maps...

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  • So, where are all these new maps...

    So, where are all these new maps you guys were saying you need to upload?

    I need something to do this weekend besides work.

    Every day I try to follow Gods will. Every day, I struggle immensely with my human nature.

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    Dunno about new maps, I don't think there are any...but I'm trying to finish up mine, might take a while though. :P


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      Well, someone posted on the steam forums that they finished a map, and couldnt upload it anywhere since S! was down.

      Was hoping they were gunna post it so I could check it out.

      Hurry up and finish yours Finz.
      It has been too long now!

      Every day I try to follow Gods will. Every day, I struggle immensely with my human nature.


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        I don't want to retype everything what I did on S!, it will be probably recovered anyway, if everything goes right, so I only post my updates.

        So, I've finally finished my map's basic architecture, so you can actually go all the way through it, though several places are still poorly or not textured at all. However, I have started actually doing the gameplay, and I have to say, that the map is very hectic, even on easier difficulties. It was supposed to be a post-Grand Cathedral level anyway, both in difficulty and the amount of enemies. Some areas gameplay-wise are also designed to be like GC, especially the Temple Valley gauntlet and the Battlefield. I have to say though, if I was rich, I'd give prize money for those who are able to beat Serious difficulty without cheats and in singleplayer.

        Right now, about 1/3th of the level is populated with enemies, it's about 3000+ enemies on Serious difficulty.


        Pictures of the Hanging Waters area, the puzzle at the beginning, and the crystal road leading to the Bubble Arenas.

        Don't fall into the water in the Sewer Area.

        Some gameplay pictures. Note that the Lasergun shouldn't be available yet at that point.

        Netricsa message

        Working with technicolor touchzones for convenience.


        And now for the other thing.

        New Enemy Variant Pack Ver. 0.thirditeration


        Change log:

        - New enemy variation, the Arachnoid Terminator is added. It is intended as a miniboss, with similar health as the Purple Walker.
        - stuff.wld, my test map is included for some reason
        - The Aludran Reptiloid King's HP is maybe doubled, maybe not, can't remember.
        - The Arachnoid Sniper's gun is now gold/yellowish color.
        - The Purple Walker's shooting mechanism is changed to prevent players going too close and avoiding their intended massacre.
        - The Medium sized Water Elemental's projectile damage is lowered.
        - I may have changed something with the Reeban Tooth-fish, but I can't remember what.
        - I still can't fix the Water Elemental's bullet impact fx bug.

        Arachnoid Terminator. When it shoots rockets it looks kinda bugged, but I can't do anything about that, it's because of the model. Also, it doesn't flinch when damaged, so good luck with that.
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          Thanks Solais.

          Every day I try to follow Gods will. Every day, I struggle immensely with my human nature.