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  • Adobe Premiere 1.5

    hey guys,

    If I wanted to do some importing of super-8, VHS (Home movies) type video for conversion to CD/DVD and some sound editing as well, would Premiere 1.5 be a good package to do that? I have access to the suite they sell for a substantial discount of around $420 US (education) and was wondering if it would be a good to great solution?

    Are there better alternatives?

    What is the best way to transfer super-8? Project and caputure with video camera? Special appliance?

    Thanks from the video dummy,


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    Hi Shayd. Yes, I would recommend Premiere Pro 1.5 - BUT - that is based on my use of Premiere 6.5. I use it and dig it very much. I have been thinking of upgrading, but to be honest 6.5 is really so good, it still takes care of all my needs. You probably have already checked out this link but you can check out features of ( and even download a try out the 1.5 package I think...) here:
    Also here is a link to the thread Snafu, myself and some other BE members have been discussing re: A/V editing recently:

    As for the Super 8 transfer. Check out the various answers and info on this link:
    Yes, there are special appliances, and they can be pricey from high hundreds to $2000 range for 8mm equipment, then upwards from there for features and larger film stocks.

    Also, I have done this professionally with a Canon XL-1 on a tripod, pointed at a movie screen, in a very dark room with 8mm or Super 8mm movie being shown on the screen. The "flicker" is adjusted for by running a few tests first before the final run, you calibrate by adjusting both the shutter speed of the XL-1 and/or the speed of the movie projector (have the XL-1 hooked up to a video monitor via the video out) and watch the monitor until the "flicker is minimal or gone all together. Then proceed with your xfer.

    good luck Shayd


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      Thanks JoeMan,

      Quite a few *cough* MAC *cough* folks at my church all run it with good results too. Looks like I'll pick up the video studio package and seem how I do using that crappy windows interface



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        Heh he...ya man...I am strictly a PC guy myself. However, I actually got my start editing on an Apple system using Final Cut Pro. That was in College 3 years ago.

        I use Premiere 6.5 exclusively on PC now. Someday, if I get real serious, I will move on to a totally uncompressed, professional level format, but for now Adobe Premiere is more than enough. Their DVD authoring package is supposed to be really good too, although I have not yet tried it:


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          really big file

          i'm using adobe premiere 1.5 and every time i export my work, the movie file becomes like super super super huge. like for one project i had, it was only 1 minute of clips and transitions, but the file came to be 249,000 kb. and when i try to make it compress it to retain quality, and have it not be so big, it always comes out widescreened. everyone in the video becomes a bit fatter and sometimes it gets really annoying.

          does anyone know the presets that you have to choose to keep it a small quality or at least have it not widescreened when commpressed?