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    I need to change a few papers I have at work to a PDF file.
    they are in word any idea how to which them to the PDf so I can post they.

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    There are a couple of approaches

    Full adobe acrobat should convert the files. I use adobe distiller or adobe PDF writer to create pdf files (and jpegs...) straight from Word or whatever app I am using. I am not sure if you can just pick up distiller or writer but if you can they should do the job.

    The other approach is to use a scanner that supports pdf output or just go to the local copy shop and have them scan the file and convert it to pdf. We have xerox copiers here and it allows me to scan papers and send it via email to myself as a pdf, jpeg, or whatever image format I need.

    Have fun.

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      Tons of utilities out there that will convert Word Excel Jpg BMP and various other formats straight into PDF format, with nothing more then a point and click approach. Other utilities are simple plugins you install in Word and you save your document as a PDF file.

      Here are some example:


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        I use Primo in my everyday work (I need to upload some seminar papers etc articles to be presented at seminars). I have not had any problems using Primo.

        To my knowledge Primo converter needs MS Word.