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Symantec Ghost NOW compatibility with Serial ATA

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  • Symantec Ghost NOW compatibility with Serial ATA

    Ghost compatibility with Serial ATA

    This document describes what you need to do to get Ghost to work with your Serial ATA drive controller.

    Ghost is compatible with the new Serial ATA standard. If you are experiencing problems such as Ghost hanging, locking up, or freezing when loading, the problem lies with the interrupt handling for the Intel 865 Chipsets and later. To fix this problem, use the -FNI switch which forces Ghost to use the BIOS to gain access to the IDE drive. For more information on the -FNI switch, read the document Switches: Alphabetical list of switches.

    If you are using Norton Ghost 2003, the latest LiveUpdate includes the fix for this issue. To run LiveUpdate for Ghost 2003, open the program and then click LiveUpdate.

    If you have a Licensed copy of Symantec Ghost 7.5, contact the Symantec Customer Center at 1-800-927-4017 to obtain information on an updated file that fixes this problem. The Customer Center will confirm your serial number for your copy of Symantec Ghost 7.5.

    I have not verified this myself, but I will be trying to make a Ghost CD of my OS. . . . Let's see if it's fixed. . . .

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    awesome close to SATA time for me then


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      can i say that it is not compatible with SATA? it's a trick. it did not work for me. so got a kaspersky software.


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        A. What version of ghost are you using?
        2. What are your system specs?
        Furthermore: Kaspersky does not have a backup solution.

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