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If This Sight Is Legit...Prices Are The Best I've Seen

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  • If This Sight Is Legit...Prices Are The Best I've Seen

    Like the title says "If this sight is legit...

    Couldn't find it listed in reseller ratings or anywhere else for that matter; but if it's legit OEM software it's incredibly cheap

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    Someone about that site spells STOLEN. . .

    I might just order something and see what I get. . .


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      Read the FAQ. It's illegal software:
      f) Where does this software come from?
      The software is shipped from Europe.
      Basically, what you get is a copy of the original CD with the key.

      If you want to see legit oem prices, check out this vendor (I have used them in the past and they are certainly selling the same products as you get at newegg):

      You can even purchase the paper license. e.g. You have Windows XP Pro and you want to install on another computer. Instead of getting a second oem cd you can purcahse a paper license - saves you about $50 on the oem price.


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        Yeah I thought it was too good to be true, I missed the
        "The software is shipped from Europe" that would have been a dead give away...Thanks guys, I drool over software the way you guys do hardware...yeah I drool over the hardware too


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          Figures. . . .


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            and this kinda says alot....
            "e) What do I get when I order something from you?
            You get the CD(s) with the software in jewel case and labels. You also get the activation key, serial number or cd key necessary to activate the software. Note, that you will not be able to register the software with the manufacturer and get their support, but we will do our best to support you any way possible. This includes providing different updates and service packs. However some updates will still be available from manufacturers, in fact most of them. "


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              Yep just like the old addage, "If something seems to good to be true, it generally is"!


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                I can help with licenses for XP Pro/Home if you need good deals )