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  • Rightmark CPU Clock Utility

    If you have an OEM machine (desktop OR laptop), then you probably notice that it seems to be much slower at most things you do than your home built system.

    This is probably because (all else being equal, anyway) your cpu is being throttled to death.
    And chances are that you cant do anything about it through the bios.

    This is where Rightmark CPU Clock Utility (henceforth to be referred to as RCCU) comes in handy.

    I have been fighting with a certain un-named (for now, unless they refuse to fix it) OEM mfr over the fact that even though I disable all speedstep/CE/IPME options in the bios and power options in the os, my 3ghz quad core still gets throttled to 1.9ghz, and this is a desktop computer mind you.

    So, while I was waiting for the 3rd time (they hung up on me 2x) for the tech to go over the same bs that others had already gone over, I did a little research on if there was some way software could remedy the situation that the bios couldnt.
    And, viole' !
    RCCU actually can bypass all of the speedstep/CE/IPME stuff, and run my cpu at full speed all the time.

    Let me tell you, this is a big boost for my work computer.
    I run:
    IIS Server
    ISMail server
    LiveUpdate test server
    IE 8
    Yahoo Instant Messenger
    Norton Internet Security Corperate edition
    IT managed apps downloader/installer
    Active Directory
    Password apps
    Zune software/media player
    Office apps (doc, xls, pp, etc)
    MS Outlook

    movie viewer
    MS Instant Messenger

    All that taxes my system big time.
    And having the machine run at 1.9ghz is just aweful.
    Throttling to 3.0ghz once in a while really doesnt help at all (never does this for vmware, only if I launch a new app).

    So, how to use it?
    The advanced cpu settings option is the one you really want (the Processor tab).
    Disable speedstep, CE options, low power states, and thermal protection if you want (is an OEM machine really going to exceed the thermal temps?).

    There are a couple things to note:
    1. Unless you uncheck the options, closing the app will result in cpu being throttled again.
    2. When you start the app again (or from a fresh boot), none of your options are saved, and you have to redo everything over again. This kinda sucks, since my system boots really slowly, and I would like full processor power for booting.
    3. It runs its process all the time until you close the app, and runs in the systray (although you can turn off 2 of the 3 systray icons).

    Get it here:

    Every day I try to follow Gods will. Every day, I struggle immensely with my human nature.

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    Pic of the app.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is of my other work machine at the office, so dont say its not a quad/3ghz/etc.


    Every day I try to follow Gods will. Every day, I struggle immensely with my human nature.