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who can mod a motherboard?

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  • who can mod a motherboard?

    Is there anyone trusted that can perform a vdimm mod on a ic7 on this forum?

    just wondering...

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    Yes, there's a couple actually... Guides are slow-coming but they will come....


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      lol do it yourself.. it's very. easy . you just need a pointed soldering iron with rating of 15-30 watts , a tweezer, a magniflying glass/lens if you have trouble looking at small stuff, a trimmer or a resistor ( i used a 470 ohm to achieve 3.0V ).. if youre gonna use a resistor, start from 330 ohms, then 470, then 560...etc..

      **warning: applying too much heat could damage the soldering pad....


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        well... thanks!

        i keep hearing soldering pad and people burning it and stuff...

        anyone explain all the lingo to me?

        like what sorts of tips and solder and stuff like that...

        i know that the resistor R50 has a zero resistance and you're removing that resistor and adding a new one or something...

        i've been reading about it in the xtreme mod forums but i'm still weary of doing it because i've never soldered before or anything... maybe i can practice on my dead epox board


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          I will agree that mods like this are fairly easy, but then I know how to solder. It should be noted that if you don't have a good connection, the mod may not work. Even worse, if you aren't careful you can actually damage something.

          Maybe we can post up a soldering class 101....hehe


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            that would be VERY nice

            i think i have the terminology down

            so you have the R50 resistor...

            you use the soldering iron to heat up the metal holding in place next to the contact pads... you put the solder wick next to the metal so that as the iron heats up the metal, the wick sucks up the hot metal

            go over to the other side do the same thing and give the R50 resistor a gentle push andit should come right off... right?

            then get the 1K pot ready and connect it to two wires and set the pot to ~300ohms

            now place some solder on the contact pad and heat that baby up with the iron... then place wire onto pad with solder and let it harden... repeat with the other side...

            and voila! done?


            or am i WAY off here...


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              i forgot to put something about tinning the wire first...

              okay.. i'm attempting this mod tomorrow...

              wish me luck (that i don't kill this board)!


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                Good luck! and of coarse, you know we’ll need picture whether it’s good or bad…



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                  So wot happened ere Did it work?

                  Dont mod boards with a hangover! I killed my P4C800 on the weekend


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                    yes it did!