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eVGA 6800GT BIOS Mod (256-P2-N376) Possible???

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  • eVGA 6800GT BIOS Mod (256-P2-N376) Possible???

    Hello all,

    I am new here and wanted to say hello, so hello... I just recently returned from WinHEC 2005 where my bussiness partner and I were invited as VIP's to the "Raise the Speed Limit" Party held for 64 lucky enthusiasts. During the VIP Party we got a really kick butt goody bag as a thank you for being such loyal Microsoft fans and for being on the BleedinEdge since day 2 of x64. (We actually started the site PlanetAMD64 one day after AMD64 was announced)

    Well I am now on my 7th 64-Bit build and this time around I have decided to move from MSI and Asus to the numerous awards winning DFI LANParty NF4 SLI-DR. During the VIP Party AMD gave me a retail Athlon 64 4000+ and NVIDIA gave me a eVGA 6800 GT PCI-E PN:256-P2-N376. Well I currently have a BFG 6800 Ultra OC AGP running water cooled default at 450/1100 and although plan on going SLI here in the next few weeks I really didnt want to run GT's.

    I have looked through the threads here as I always do but didnt come accross anyone who has modded the BIOS of this particular card, or should I say this particular card with the same PN#. I have a feeling this is a easy card to modify. I am not worried about heat as it will be watercooled in an impressive system as it is.

    So, my question is can this card be modded to run default at my current 450/1100 that I have my AGP card running at? And if so, how? OH, btw I am a guru where computers are concerned but to date I have never modded a video card bios as I usually just purchase the very best in the first place. Any help would be much appreciated...

    VERY nice place you guys have here btw, very nice indeed.

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    EDIT: My current water cooled AGP card runs at 425/1100, but I would like to take the PCI-E 6800GT to 400/1100. It is now default at 350/1000.

    I have decided to just mod the current BIOS to 1.4v (if it is not allready there) and to set the mhz's to 400/1100 to match the standard Ultras. And just re-flash its own modded bios back onto it.

    Does anyone here have any advice to give for the mod?


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      Hello Sk0rPn and welcome to BE.

      Nice to see peeps from the Planet over here, for your corner is also very informative. Also nice to be treated so nicely by AMD and nVidia, remind me to join you @ winHEC next time....geezzz...

      sadly I am far from Graphic expert and our resident guru I have not seen in a few days....I am sure that when Thugs returns he will be in a position to help you on this matter. Then again maybe some other enthousiasts can be of some help also.

      Just a heads up and a warm welcome !