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Rio Karma MP3 player Remote Control

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  • Rio Karma MP3 player Remote Control

    The Rio Karma Is a 40 GB MP3 player with everything I love but no remote control that I can use to switch songs with the player in my pocket (similar to the Mini Disk Players). There is a port on the top that says it is for a remote but Rio never made one for it . My goal is to make a remote for this excellent mp3 player.

    I was not able to get any read outs from the remote port. I think there is 3v+ on the far left along with the ground. The other two pins I donít get any activity on.

    Iím thinking if I can get a good look at the firmware I can get started on the remote. I was able to get the bin file out of the firmware updater. But when you look at the file in hex it looks to me like it is encrypted. Could someone look at this and tell me how to decrypt this file?
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    to the BE DjVaLiC. . .

    I would assume that it was encrypted by RIO for copyright issues. I have not seen anything that can read it. I guess you can e-mail tech support and tell them what you want to do and see if it is a violation of their policy.