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  • CPU Heatsink on GPU

    I recently aquired a 9700 Pro after my 9800 Pro decided to crap out on me. I've always like overclocking video cards and have come to the conclusion that 9700 Pro's cant overclock hardly at all before artifacting becomes apparent. Well, I was scaning the forums and came across this site:

    ViperJohn's Mod's

    As you can see, he has used what looks like CPU heatsinks on his cards. After seeing how far he was able to push the core on his 9700 Pro, I had to get into game. I emailed him and he was asking way too much for this to be done so I figured I'd do it myself. The only problem I have is finding a CPU hsf that will work. I was wondering if anyone knew of one that would work. I've looked around and all I find are broken links and forums that go nowhere. All I've been able to pick up is that PIII socket coolers supposedly work, but I dont know which ones. And for some odd reason I dont feel like using one of those GPU coolers made by Thermaltake or anyother company, my mind is set on using a CPU cooler only. Any help will be much appriciated. Thanks guys

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    Hi AV - glance you eyes over this thread and this one too. All are great ideas and two others that I just found here here and here.

    There are a few possiblities for heat-sinks. You could look for the cheaper versions at a store to hack up. Another avenue is to visit a local small store (i.e., not a big chain) that does repairs and the like. They usually have a slew of old heat sinks kicking around that you might be able to pick up.


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