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Updated 11/15/06 **Modding services**

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  • Updated 11/15/06 **Modding services**

    Hi guys!

    I've added another mod to my list.

    I am able to do the following mods for you:

    • Asus p4p800 deluxe (non) vdroop mod
    • Asus p4p800 deluxe (non) vdimm mod
    • Asus p4c800(e) deluxe vdroop mod
    • Asus p4c800(e) deluxe vdimm mod
    • Abit IC7-(max2/3) vdimm mod
    • Abit IC7-(max2/3) vdimm stabilization mod
    • Shuttle AN50R vcore mod
    • Shuttle AN50R vdimm mod
    • DFI Ultra Infinity vdimm mod
    • DFI Ultra Infinity vcore mod
    • EPoX 8KDA3J/+ vcore mod
    • EPoX 8KDA3J/+ vdimm mod
    • Abit NF7-s vdimm mod
    • Abit NF7-s vtt mod
    • Abit NF7-s vdd mod

    I can pretty much do any mods as long as you can show me a picture of the chip that needs to be soldered to...

    Video Cards
    • ATI 9700 PRO vmem mod
    • ATI 9700 PRO vcore mod
    • ATI 9800 PRO vmem mod
    • ATI 9800 PRO vcore mod

    Power Supplies
    • Any Antec True Power or Control series
    • Any PSU with a 3.3, 5, or 12 volt sense line

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or IM me at shimmishim or jsohhinm or email me at:

    johnshim AT johnshim DOT com
    hongshim AT uiuc DOT edu
    johnshim AT gmail DOT com

    I will also guarantee that your hardware will not be damaged while in my possession. Anything that occurs after the mod is done and returned to you is your responsibility.

    As for testing, I can test video cards but will not be able to test motherboards w/o processors (I do have a socket A and skt 754 processor but anything else such as 939, 940, or 478 you will have to send me).

    And finally for the bad news...
    Since these mods are taking up more time to do than I thought and I am running out of VR's AGAIN... I am going to have to start charging slightly a little more (but not a lot more) for my services.

    Motherboard mods (any two - vdroop, vcore, vdimm, etc...) = $20
    each additional = $1 (basically cover the cost of a VR)

    Video card mods (any two - vmem, vcore, vtt, etc..) = $10
    each additional = $1 (basically cover the cost of a VR)

    So for those that have gotten mods from me before, I will only charge you for shipping still but for anyone else, the above is the going rate. They do include shipping so please understand that I am not making a huge profit.

    Thanks for looking!!!

    As for payment method, I will take non-cc paypal but will have to charge slightly more for a cc paypal payment. Please, no echeck payments unless you want to wait 3 to 4 days for payment to clear before I ship back.
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    kungfumaster21 has made a request for the p4p800 vdimm and vdroop mod...

    hopefully after i get this done, he'll be able to vouch for my work!


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      wish you lived in australia dude for sure i would get it done i,m havind probs just to find someone to do my 550 truepower do you know of anyone in aus that can mod or does anybody for that matter


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        i wish i knew someone in aus that could do it for you...

        it's actually not that difficult to do!!

        all i did was follow the guide over at xtreme and just jumped right in and did it!


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          can you "mod' my head..i think something's wrong with it..i always think of "new toys" all the time...


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            yeah just give me $100,000 for a new brain and i think we can get your problem fixed!


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              these are the vdroop and vdimm mods for the p4p800 completed tonight for kungfumaster!


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                Very nice job on the mods. You like like you take your time and do the work very neatly.


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                  hey!!! i have to!!!

                  it's not my board! and i'm sure kungfu wants it nice and tidy!


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                    Very nice job shimmishim I can't stand sloppy when it comes to wiring and yours is some of the best I've seen


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                      Originally posted by Paragon
                      Very nice job shimmishim I can't stand sloppy when it comes to wiring and yours is some of the best I've seen

                      ever since I read that you can use IDE cable as wire, life has been SOOOO much easier.

                      i also found this tip tinner/cleaner from radioshack and man... i don't really have to use solder anymore!


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                        Beautiful work shimmshim. I just did the worlds quickest and dirtiest vdimm mod the other night on my P4C800-E. No mobo soldering required.
                        Picked up the wire grabber from, a 10 and 5k resister from Radio Shack and put it together.

                        Here's a pic of the grabber on the mobo:
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                          And the full weapons of mass destruction. Insulated before installation of course.
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                            lol... i say whatever works!!!

                            but if you ever want a more permanent solution... just let me know!


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                              jim, how are you able to clip that? i bought one and can't seem to hit the right leg ....

                              shim, what do you mean tinner/cleaner and no more soldering? how to do that?