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***Bleedin Edge Case Mods***

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  • Not to custom or extravagent but here's mine. I built it originally about 1 1/2 years ago.

    Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard
    AMD Athlon 3700+ ( has been running @ 2.7 for about a year, doesnt go above 42C)
    XFX 7800GTX
    2 gigs OCz platinum

    All original equipment except for the 2 gigs added a little more then a year ago and is overclocked, since about the first few days i got it. I also added a arctic cooling heatsink+fan setup to the GTX a few months after i built it. Everything has ran flawlessly.

    Didnt want to just set both of my radiator's outside of my TT mid-tower (Identicle to this but without the top 4 fan control nobs

    I didnt know when i ordered my TT bigwater 745 setup that it wouldnt fit in my mid-tower(I was totally new to water-cooling then) and when i started to put it in I relized it wouldnt fit, so I got a hack saw, drill, and some sheetmetal screws. Cut the support bar that goes across the case off half way so i could still fix my wires to it. drilled new holes for the PSU about 1/2 an inch above the old ones. Then once i got everything in i used the shettmetal screws to fix the radiator to the case. Ive had this setup for over a year(I pretty much never turn my pc off) and first used regular clear fluid XP+. I recently replaced the old clear with new Fluid XP+ EXT in lime green color by draining as much of the old as I could then flushing the rest out with the new stuff till i was confident i got it all out or most of it atleast.

    My AMD athlon 3700+ is at 2.7 ghz and the TT water setup doesnt let it go above 42C so I am very pleased. It's also very quiet in my opinion.

    Right now I really need to do something with my wires and something with my EL Wire as it's just thrown in there now.

    Id also like to add that upgrading from 1 gig of ram to 2 gigs of OCz platinum was one of the best upgrades ive ever done, OCz is the only ram ill buy now for high performance builds, stuff is awesome


    • looks sweet man thinking anout water cooling for mine but i have to pick were to put it.. too much room in a thermaltake armor


      • Those are the coolest system's ever! Where do you guys go to show them off?

        Do you guys go to LAN's or anything?


        • The new build

          This one is with the stock cooler still on the card.

          Here's a Zalman shot.

          First time ever, that I've cut a blowhole into my case.

          The new PSU, OCZ 850W GameXStream.

          Side cover off....

          Side cover on.

          Thanks for lookin'
          Sir G


          • lookin good SG !
            6700K@ 4800Mhz max 4700Mhz Daily - Asus Maximus 8 Hero Alpha ,
            16G GSkill 3200 cl14 ,
            M.2 950 Pro and 850 Evo HD's ,
            Evga 1080 GTX - 2x Asus 24" 2ms ,
            1050w Seasonic Plat. psu , Cpu - H2O Cooled

            HTPC: 9550 @ 3000Mhz - Asus P5Q Delx - 4gig OCZ Reaper @ 1130 MHZ - Asus 4890 - HD's -1x Raptor OS 2x WD 1 TB - 700w TT mod psu - 46" Sony KDL XBR9 -Yamaha RX-V1900


            • Originally posted by Sir Golitech View Post
              First time ever, that I've cut a blowhole into my case.
              if you dont have a blowhole, you dont have good airflow

              nice job


              • my main rig ~ revision #143


                • Nice cuts, gotta love the modular PSU!


                  • Nice cuts and revisions!! I love all psus that have great rails!!! Luckily my enermax and my corsair have great rails.

                    Don't you just love this stuff?!



                    • Hello all,

                      together with my cooling update, I also added a few cool blue LEDs to the front of my already exciting AOpen H500A!!! These blue LEDs, by the way, are not just... LEDs... they are all linked to a different fan in my system, so I can see if they're enabled:
                      the faster they turn, the brighter they burn!!!

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                      • Wow, an AOpen H500A I haven't seen one of those in years!


                        • gotta love these antique cases


                          • This my rig running like this for last 4 years but few days ago my PSU want bad and finally I get new 550W modular PSU and hide most of the wiring behind the MB tray as you can see in pictures and Upgrade new video card also I Make a 120mm fan hole top of the case, now run much cooler then before CPU temperature drop to 30C.

                            My System:
                            Intel D865PERL MB
                            Intel P4 3.4GHz extreme edition
                            Visiontek Radeon X1950 Pro 575MHz 256MB AGP 8x Video Card
                            4GB corsair DDR pc3200
                            Main WD Raptor 10Krpm 36GB HD
                            Storage WD 7200RPM 160GB
                            Thermaltake 550w
                            Windows XP Pro Sp3
                            18"Dell CRT.




                            • Very nice job


                              • Originally posted by Just Learnin' View Post
                                Very nice job
                                +1 - nice and clean