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    Kewl Keyboard!

    Source: The Steampunk Workshop

    My goal with this project was to build a retro keyboard that was fully functional and of a sufficient quality that it could be used everyday by a touch typist. In order to achieve this I chose a high quality (though widely available) keyboard as my starting point. This is an IBM Model M "Clicky" keyboard. They were made starting in the mid 1980's and a version is still manufactured today. This particular keyboard was made in 1989 and shipped with and IBM PowerStation 530, a UNIX box the size of a kegerator.

    Besides its overall quality and heft, one of the things that makes this keyboard particularly good for such a mod is the fact that it has removable key caps and the under-cap has a flat surface ideal for affixing a new key top.

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    I would like some suggestions.

    I thought you'd be the best person to ask cuz your kb mod is kick ass. I wanna do a kb mod myself but I donít even know where to begin with it. I donít know if you have ever played steel battalion but itís a mech game with a really cool con (they wont let me post urls) makes you feel like youíre in a real mech anyway the con that comes with the game works with nothing but the game. I wanna take that idea and use it for space flight simulation games by taking a kb and making a new casing for it essentially moving the keys and making a new casing. The holdup is I wanna spread out keys so that itíll look like youíre in a real fusalage but maintain the keyboards functions and format so I can use it for apps and other things. I can get a hold of materials and equipment thatís not an issue I jst donít know how to go about it. I do mods but never anything with a kb besides take it apart and see inside and since most kb now a sensor pad and I donít know any way to modify it. I have plans and stuff for a casing and buttons I think an older mechanical switch based kb would be the way to go but I think I should ask someone who knows what theyíre doing for some advice. This will eventually grow into and arcade machine where the pc, monitor, and con will be in a fuselage inside my pc room. I know you think Iím a newb jst being annoying I really want to do this and Iíd really like your opinions and advice from anyone who reads this. email me or whatever you gotta do. Thanks for reading and please be cool help a guy out. sorry if this is out of place I'm new at the forum thing. Oh kick ass kb mod my GF wants one now.


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      Welcome to the BE Wheeler12087! I am sorry but I never did that mod myself. I just linked to it from here so others could see and enjoy it. Pretty bold idea you have though. If you pull it off I would love to see the results.


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        as would i