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How to know what is craping out?

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  • How to know what is craping out?

    Hi. I just bought my new pc, but something is craping, but i don't know what.

    Asus P4c800-E-Dlx (bios 1010)
    Kingston HyperX 3500 2*256 (kit) (rated at 2,65V)
    P4C 2,4 3318 w/ Zalman 7000 CU
    Enermax 460W

    I think it's the ram or the cpu.
    I have tried running 200 1:1 2-3-3-7 but no mather the Vdimm, it won't post? But at kingstons website they are rated at 2-3-3-7.

    I have tried 217 1:1 2,65 @ 2,5-3-3-7. There it dosn't seme to have a problem.

    250Mhz fsb 3:2 semes to be the max(?!). (Have tried any timing and Vdimm)
    But the ram is very underclocked, and the cpu is running @ 1,6V (set in bios).

    Is it possible that i have a very very bad 2,4? Or is it the ram that has a compability problem with the MB?


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    I would say your ram stinks.I have seen a lot of bad ram lately.If you have memtest86 run it at the spec for your ram and see how many errors it spits out. 2/3/3/7 at whatever vdimm its rated for.


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      Also try the ram in the other 2 dimm slots and see if that makes a difference.Thugs tried the Kingston HyperX 3500 before and said it was junk.There is a chance the P4C800-E doesn't like the ram aswell.There is a compatability list in the mobo manual.


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        I have now tried both pairs of slots, and none wil boot at the rated speed...
        I can boot at 200Mhz w/ 2-3-3-7, and i am now runnig memtest86.


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          WoW, it didn't like memtest86.
          It ran 1 pass and in the 2. pass, it crashed in the 7th test.
          It got ~2000 errors in the 4th test, ~1000 errors in the 6th test. And: 25000~30000 in the 7th test..... I'm going to borrow a PC2700 stik, and try it.

          Edit: Btw: The HyperX isn't in asus's QVL list
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            If the ram is good you shouldn't get any errors at its rated spec.I would replace the sticks from where you got it from since their defective or get something else.The QVL goes by the ram chips that are on the memory and not by name like HyperX or OCZ Gold.
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              I will return them and get my money back. But which ram should i then get?

              I have tried my sisters samsung PC2700 stik, and my pc would boot at 280Mhz fsb at ~1.575V. I need ram now!!


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                I run my 2.4C at 280 aswell,for now.I have 2 x 256MB OCZ Gold PC3700.At 5:4 you will need something to run 450DDR.Running 1:1 is out of the question unless you get 2 great sticks of OCZ 4000 ram.The only ram I know that will get you close to 500DDR is OCZ Gold or OCZ 4000 ram.Other ram seems like a crap shoot.Some older ram with BH-5 chips is good if you can find it.The buffalo 3700 is suppose to be not bad.Mushkin I really don't know for sure.What ratio are you running the samsung at ?.


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                  The samsung stik was only running 3:2.

                  In Denmark the market for quality ram isn't that big. I havn't seen buffalo any where in DK.

                  Like you say, I'm needing ram that will do ~225~230. I guess GEIL is out of the question as they aren't that good at the moment.

                  At they have OCZ EL 512MB DDR PC-3500 Dual Channel Platinum for 1,649DKK
                  and OCZ 512Mb PC3700 Gold Edition Dual Channel for 1,899.00DDKK, but I think the Gold's are overpriced.
                  The HyperX costed only 1500DKK.

                  Du you think the OCZ EL 512MB DDR PC-3500 Dual Channel Platinum will do 225~230?
                  Or is there a cheaper alternative? (asof I have just spent 8000DKK on my new PC (~1200US$))