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  • ram question???

    as you can see in my sig, i have some ocz pc3200 performance series ram. this ram is great for what it is, and i have done some thing's that are quite amazing for a 400MHz rated ram. my question is even though the ram is rated at 400MHz, when i overclock to say 240fsb with a 5/4 divider my ram is only at 383MHz, but could the ram still be limiting me from going higher even though it has not reached 400MHz yet? p.s. i know i didn't word this well, but if you understand what i am trying to say please help.

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    No, that is not likely. Using the 5:4 ratio pretty well takes the ram out of the overclock issue. I still say that it is your CPU that is holding you back.


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      rats.... hey bruiser thanx to you,hawk,subsider, and the whole BE, i did manage to get this chip stable at 239fsb. big improvement i would say, considering i was stuck at 232fsb before yall came to the rescue. thanx alot. the only thing is that one away from 240fsb is killing me!!! i can run benchies at 240 but thats it. oh well i got a new 3.0c chip and followed blaster's advice(on the pack date), let's hope i can get the 250fsb like he says. i know though it's still all luck!!!


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        here is a pic


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          Good luck with the new CPU flexkill. I hope it gets you to 250. Maybe this time luck will be on your side. BTW, have you noticed Snafu's threads? He has exactly the same problem with his 3.0C topping out like yours at just about the same place.


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            ya i just posted over there. gave him some advice that helped me. hopefully it will help him to.