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(4x2GB) 8GB 1200MHz 780i

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  • (4x2GB) 8GB 1200MHz 780i

    Hello fellas!

    It's been a while!

    I just want to confirm this, as I'm pretty sure I'm telling my friend correctly.

    He just purchased 8GB of G. Skill Trident 1200MHz RAM in hopes of thinking he could go from 4x1GB of 1150MHz RAM (underclocked by me to 1000MHz when I built his rig for him), to the full 1200MHz 4x2GB board max on a XFX 780i mobo...

    I know the manual says "Up to 8GB 1200MHz", but in my time of building and OC'ing, I know getting 4 sticks of "high speed/board maxed" memory is really tough...

    We have tried everything I can think of, and I'm pretty sure the board just can't handle all 4 sticks running that fast....

    When we run 2x2GB, we can achieve 1200MHz easily, but when running 4x2GB, it just wont happen...

    I kind of think that he thinks I'm just blowing smoke, and don't know how to set the timings/settings...

    He also wants everything to run stock voltages and 5-5-5 timings, and I know FOR SURE we would have to bump those up!!

    Any pointers would be great!

    Setup -

    780i XFX mobo
    4x2GB G.Skill Trident 5-5-5
    850W PSU

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    18 days and no reply?

    Well, XFX says 1200MHZ is only capable in slots 0 and 2...

    Hope all is well here at the BE...



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      Sorry, I couldnt even get my system to post (X48 machine) with 4 sticks in it.

      I couldnt be any help anyway, as I am likened to a 120 year old who has never even turned on a computer, when it comes to OC'ing.

      Every day I try to follow Gods will. Every day, I struggle immensely with my human nature.