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  • News from Mushkin!!!

    I am researching a new rig to build. So I went over to Mushkins tech forums and thought, what the heck. I asked if any test had been performed on the newest Nforce chipset. (nf3 250/250GB) I was astounded that I even got a response.

    I was told MSI was sending a mobo over and test will begin on the nF3 next week, and compatabilty info will be posted accordingly. I am grateful they are taking the first steps to getting compatability problems solved before the chipsets hit the masses.

    As you have read in many forum threads all over the web, the result of the last chipsets (nF3 150 and VIA) being IMO, rushed. Led to many problems for many people.

    Just thought I would share that Info with ya!

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    thanks for the heads up


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      I remember when the first Mushkin PC3200 Registered ECC hit the market. I was aware it before it was known to the general public. Reason: I emailed about RAM for my Tyan S2885. They informed me of the upcoming RAM. So I jokingly asked them if I could be a tester for a discount with the new modules-they agreed! I saved over $80 on those expensive sticks.


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        ooooooooooh very nice mate... $80 discount


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          Nice find. . Mushkin has always been the most compatible in the past. . .


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            Mushkin always does there homework, (least it seems that way)


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              Well guys, I was informed today, they have the new MSI board and are currently testing it.