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best ram for AMD boards... :)

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  • best ram for AMD boards... :)


    it appears that lots of people are having problems with the ch-5 twinmos/winbond memory from memoryX

    i know a few others that have RMA'ed their stick back to them...

    i have RMA'ed mine at the end of may and am still waiting for my stick to come back...

    so it appears that there's so more memory modules out there that can run higher speeds with pretty good timings like the corsair 3500LL...

    so can anyone recommend memory for an nForce2 board (i'll be running 1:1 and none of this 5:4 nonesense you intel guys have to do )

    i'd like to run a fsb of... 230+ if possible k thanks and preferably cas 2

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    I have had up to three sticks of Corsair XMS3200C2 in one of my nForce2 boards using 200fsb on the XP2100. Both of my nForce2 boards (Epox 8rda and ASuS A7N8x Deluxe rev 2.0) seem to handle the XMS3200C2 very well.

    BTW: I only run 1:1 on my systems which are AMD and Intel.