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  • Twinmos w/ Winbond

    I got a pair of 256 mb Twinmos w/ Winbond CH-5 chips... I got my ram stable to 425mhz @ 2-6-3-3 @ 2.8v on the IC7... Anyone know how I can get to 2-6-2-3 on these chips without having to step down the overclock on my cpu which is @170fsb stock voltage.... I know there is a hard mod to the mobo but I don't wanna do it... Hm, might burning in the memory make me get that little extra out of my memories??

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    TwinMOS have programmed the spd to not allow TRCD(ras to cas) any lower than 3..this means the fastest you will get is 2-5-3-2.What i would say though is see what the actual unbuffered bandwidth is as tight timings may not be needed to get good results.

    Don't be brainwashed into thinking you have to run 2-5-2-2 for it to be fast.


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      It's alright... I got my memories running 2.5-3-2-7@2.8v and I gained a full 100mb/sec in unbuffered sandra... So I am happy... Now I maybe be able to break the 11k mark with my crappy gf3ti200 card... Sure it overclocks like a godess...


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        Bigtoe, I am not blinded... I just trying to get so much out of my system ass possible... Hm, how come they have locked that to 3... I am mostly curious now... I gonna see if I can get to 2-3-2-5... If not I'll stay where I am as most stable...


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          I don't know why they locked ras to cas at 3 minimum.I do know that the older samsung ctl is supposed to fly on canterwood and i sold mine

          Just stay where you find the sweet spot..thats all we can do unless you vdimm mod the board.


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            I've not found the sweet spot yet... 425mhz 2-3-2-5 and stable like never before... Hm, might go for more fsb... See where it stops there... Hm, I got a pair of those Samsung ctl laying around here in one of the closest...