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  • Q&A's for crossfire

    First of all maybe a mod would sticky this. Hopefully more of the bugs will be worked out in the future or the true crossfire motherboards won't be as much of a problem. I am using the ASUS P5WD2 Premium on which I finally got my 2 x850xt's running in crossfire. Guess it would have been quicker reading the direction booklet w/ the cards.

    All yesterday I had been plagued with error messages from catalyst control center. I finally assumed it was something I tweaked in the OS. This morning I started with a new OS install then loaded the drivers and ccc. Funny thing was now I had read the directions but couldn't and didn't see the box where you would enable crossfire.

    After another few hours of playing around I removed the master card and ran just the slave which I didn't realize I needed to load the drivers for that also. Once the drivers where in place the system was set back up w/ dual cards and I was under way.

    I DL'd the newest version of ATI Tool. which appeared to have a box to select which card you wanted to clock but every time I OC'd one then went to the screen to choose the other I would back out to the OC screen only to find the clocks I set for the previous card. Seems like I am only able to OC one card.

    I know the crossfire system is new to the market but just wondering if anyone has seen any oc tools that work. BTW the purpose of stickying this would be to have one thread for q&a's instead of a new one for each problem.
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    I was reading the thread by nutcase and he said he got his cards overclocked, but it wasn't clear if he did both cards or how he actually did it.


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      I am using atitool beta 7 or beta 8.. it would work, but I would have to save a setting for each card..

      also, on mine the card in PCI slot 3 came out to be the slave card and the one in PCI slot 4 was the master card..

      Most of the people overclocking crossfire are actually going into the bios and changing the speeds there..

      Also, on mine, the tools to use to overclock (find Max mem and core, and scan for artifacts) were useless on the master Card. It was showing my core running 700Mhz on Air before the system locked up


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        Hey thanks nutcase. Currently I think I have version 0.24 I'll have to give the beta a go. Changing the bios for each cooling medium will be a real pita if they don't get a good working oc tool. At least the beta should help with my fan problem. When I had the fan set to 100% it stopped when I set it to 0% it runs full bore.


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          If this is stickied, and to avoid numerous queries, I would suggest identifying the products properly and also the drivers used, just so we have a clear idea of what is being tested, the results and outcomes. As such:

          Master Card x 850 XT from ( Sapphire - or who ever ) in slot Pci-e = 3 or what ever
          Slave Card x 850 or 850 XT or 850 XT PE or 800 GTO˛ from ( XXXX) in slot XXXXX

          GFX Driver used: Catalys 5.10 or 5.10a or 5.11beta or 5.11 final ( in a week or so)

          Mobo used and mobo drivers used. xxxxxxx

          Overclocking/monitoring tools used and version number


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            I have 2 ATI x1900 CrossFire Edtion cards.The price was good,so i bought two.Is there a possibilty to run these in croosfire mode?Maybe flash bios?My intial plan was to sell the other one but.....



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              i dont think you can run 2 crossfire control cards....they are physically different


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                It appears the dongle cable will work between these two cards,x1900 CFE.I am thinking a bios flash from a regular x1900xt into one of my x1900 CFE may work.Maybe ill just sell it and remove the headache.


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                  Stable ATI drivers

                  Hi all, I was wondering which ATI driver you folks have found to be the best for operating and OCing the crossfires. I havent had much luck in getting decent results with the six different versions I have tried out. Presently running after a brief chat with Nutcase.
                  I downloaded the ATI flash program in hopes of flashing the bios(s) to at a minimum control the fan speeds so they down burn up surfing the net , I didnt find the program that reads the factory bios to modify. Any help would be great.

                  P5W DH Deluxe, 1801 Bios, Sapphire xtx1900x @ 0x7249 R580,Bus 5,Dev:0 and Sapphire 1900x CF @ 0x7249 R580,Bus 6,Dev:0 ATI tool 0.26 for fan control and tame overclocking. Version for drivers on both cards.


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                    Changed the motherboard to Asus Blitz Edition and running CAT ver 8.432.
                    Ati tool 0.26 worked great for finding the Maxs.
                    Used Ati flash to transfere values from ati tool to the cards themselves.

                    Dynamic Fan control 0 c = 36%
                    40 c = 45%
                    50 c = 50%
                    55 c = 59%
                    60 c = 73%
                    65 c = 100%
                    70 c = 100%
                    75 c = 100%

                    1900CF @ 621/720
                    X1900XTX @ 729/783

                    Auto temperature control that means something was the end result with a mellow OC on each of the cards.