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Here is an excellent guide about HD Partitions

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    Urlyin, thanks. I'll take a closer look at this.


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      Decided to stick this one for a while; looks like something a number of people might be able to use...Nice one joeMan


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        also Joeman if you have 2 gig of mem the last thing you need is a pagefile ... check out the info here.


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          Ya, ever since I jumped to 2 Gigs I have been tempted to disable paging, or switch to 'no page file'. The only reason I haven't by now is that most places I read about it say Adobe Photoshop has problems, and also some games refuse to run w/o one. Otherwise I probably would go without.


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            Your right some apps do have issues with the no page ...


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              ok, this might be a little bit off topic of this thread but, may have to do with my partitions again, I seem to be on a roll here. So i installed Spybot on my machine, but when I try to run it, it gives me the 'Please insert disk into drive: device\harddisk1\dr5' error, and I can only guess it has something to do with drive paths? I've heard of this error with qttask but not with spybot. Anyone else have this problem or know a solution?

              After having searched around, I think this may have something to do with SATA drives. It also maynot help that my drive is mounted as F. It did that because I had my usb reader connected when installing XP, and it recognised that as drive C, as I didnt install the SATA drivers yet. DOH!

              I guess im going to change my card reader to another letter and see what happens, since i cant change my os partition to a different letter.

              Well, if all else fails, I will just reinstall XP without my card reader connected and see what happens then.

              I havent checked the event log, will do that and see if that says anything.


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                Propellorhead, I did the exact same thing once. I just reinstalled so it would be C:


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                  Yep that fixed it. System runs well now. THanks!


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                    I don't understand why you would install programs into a different partition than the o/s. (Unless you have a separate physical drive for performance reasons.)

                    If you have to reinstall the o/s, what benefit is that? Most programs would not work because they have not been added to the registry, etc.

                    What am I missing?


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                      1 HD here

                      C:\ OS and programs, and of course my profile and the 1.5gb swap file

                      D:\ games and storage files, and of course a backup of my profile


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                        joeWI, this is a good point you make. I just read recently (in Koroush Ghazi's tweak guide I think ) that installing prog's on OS partition is best fo that very reason. Registry entries would be hosed if OS partition gets hosed.

                        This brings up a quesiton -

                        Assuming all prog's are on a separate partition from the OS: What if you had just made a good registry backup, then wipe and reinstall OS, then restore the registry from the good backup you had just made prior to the reinstall? Would that be sufficient to create a functional reinstall between the OS and Prog's partitions?


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                          joe ~ usually the reason you reinstall is cause of a problem. restoring the reg will usually restore that problem


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                            Originally posted by ThugsRook
                            joe ~ usually the reason you reinstall is cause of a problem. restoring the reg will usually restore that problem
                            This is why I like hanging out with smart people .

                            Actually though, now that I think about it - what if it was just because of a corrupted file (other than the registry) from an extreme OC?


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                              how would you know?
                              and how often are you gonna backup that reg?

                              you want clean and fresh? go the extra 9 yards and reset your config yourself.

                              besides, with all the XP updates and other garb im not so sure it would even work right these days.

                              worried about killing your OS from OCing?
                              test with M86 before booting to your HD


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                                IMHO: each and every program in your system SHOULD have the ability to backup its own reg settings and config.

                                its BS that hasnt been incorperated yet