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RAID-10 stripe size with 8 drives

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  • RAID-10 stripe size with 8 drives

    I have a DELL PE2900 with PERC6i RAID controller.
    8 Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB 3000HLFS drives with 16MB cache.

    Old configuration:
    2 - RAID-1, Win O/S with Hyper-V role
    6 - RAID-10, stripe size 64K which has several virtual machines.

    With all the talk about partition offset, etc., I checked and my RAID-10 was not optimally aligned. Seeing 64K does not divide cleanly by 3 drives then I don't think it ever could be.

    So the new configuration is:
    8 - RAID-10, stripe size 64K (the default)
    partition 0 is the Win O/S with Hyper-V role
    partition 1 is the virtual machines.

    Q1: Was this a smart thing to do?

    Q2: What should the stripe size be? With stiping across 4 drives that's only 16K per drive. Is that good? Bad?

    Q3: Any recommendations on a stripe size? Inside the vitual machines it is general file use, Internet browsing, Office docs, QuickBooks accounting (single user), etc. No Exchange. No SQL Server. Might add a virtual machine with developer tools..Visual Studio, SQL Server, etc.

    Seeing it takes me an entire weekend to redo the RAID volumes, I'd like to get some expert advice before doing it again, if need be.

    Thanks, Joe.