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HDD slow with WIN 7

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  • HDD slow with WIN 7

    In Win 7, it seems that anytime I open directories, the HDD has to start up and there is a delay, also it seems on my music directories, which have a lot of files, Win 7 has to search the drive or something and it takes a long time.

    I never had this issue with Win XP.

    I have a new 1TB WD Cavier Black, which is on a SATA 3 connection so it should be fast.

    Could a Win 7 default setting be the problem?

    Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

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    A 1 TB drive is a big drive and it will take longer for your system to find things on it than on a smaller drive. Like twice as long as a 500 GB drive. Maybe thats what it is.


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      It may depend on whether the drive is sata3 and is on a sata3 connection and also possibly that the system and drive are set to run sata3. A lot of possibilities to look into it.

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        Have you actually installed all of the motherboard drivers?
        Win7 will have default drivers, and when you look in hardware manager, everything will look like its installed.
        but, if you havent installed the chipset drivers (which include sata 2 drivers. sata, depending on the chipset used, may have to be installed seperately, like the marvell sata 3 (aka 6gb/s) chipset drivers. intel sata 3 (aka 6gb/s) drivers should install with the chipset drivers (iirc), the video drivers, the network drivers, the anything else drivers), then the system will be slow.

        Also, check the sata cable.
        I have recently had a rash of ok gear right angle sata cable go bad (seriously, 3 of 4 went bad all within a couple weeks of each other, this last month, where they worked fine for the last couple years).
        I had the same slowdown as you are describing.
        Replacing the cables (all I had was the straight cables, that came with one of my old motherboards, and they work even better than the ok gear right angle ones did when they worked fine).

        Get back to us on any other troubleshooting you have done.

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          So far

          The drive is SATA III

          The Mobo is SATA III

          I installed the SATA III Drivers (Intel and Marvel)

          I checked the cables and they so seem good.

          Still, it takes a long time to index, but thanks for the input so far.


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            You should only have one of the drivers installed.
            Marvel is probably the sata 3 drivers. They are notoriously unstable.
            So unstable, in fact, that I put my SSD's on the Intel sata 2 ports, instead of the MUCH faster (but crash crazy) marvel sata 3 ports.

            Also, one more question:
            Have you gone into the power options, and shut off the HDD 'sleep' mode? (by default, it is set to put the hdd to sleep after 20 minutes).
            I set this to 20000 on all my machines.
            I also set the power plan to high performance mode, and never let the hdd, monitor, usb, or anything go to sleep.

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              i have to agree and check the power options in win7 (by default, power options are disabled in winXP)

              also, check and see how fragmented the files on the drive are. If you have over 10% fragmentation on the drive, it will start affecting it.