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  • eSATA

    This has confused me since I heard of it and I always neglected to find out how it actually works. Ever since my laptop died(PSU) I've been wanting to get at the 80 - 100 gigs of recordings I have on it(most have never even been played back). I always figured I'd just pop it into the desktop some day but that still hasn't happened several years later. I have the plug for it on this box, and the last one too, but always thought I would need someway to power the hdd. Is this something that happens through the cable like some USB devises? And if not what do I need to power it? I really should do this while the hdd might still work.

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    Is it a regular sata drive in the laptop?
    If so, then you can just pop it in a desktop and back it up.

    If its esata, you can use a regular sata power cable and this:
    And just put it in a desktop and back it up.

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      I'm assuming it's just a regular SATA drive. My original plan was to put it in the box to begin with but that didn't work out. I was hoping with the eSATA I could just plug it in and transfer everything with the bare drive sitting on top the box instead of getting an adapter to mount it inside. Sounds like I'll need to go the adapter route tho.