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RAID and Crystal Disk Info

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  • RAID and Crystal Disk Info

    It seems Crystal Disk Info does not give disk health information with a RAID0 array. Or am I doing something wrong?

    ??? ???

    Asus P4P800 Deluxe
    Intel P4 2.4c / Zalman CNPS7000-AlCu / Arctic Silver Ceramique
    2x512 Mushkin PC3500 222 Black Hi Performance Level II
    ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9800 Pro / Sony G400 19" Trinitron Monitor
    Two Western Digital 120 Gb Special Edition 8 Mb cache hdd's
    Asus 40/12/48 cd-rw / LiteOn 166s 16x DVD-Rom
    Onboard LAN
    Antec SX1240 full tower
    Soundblaster Live! Platinum 5.1 / CambridgeSoundworks 5.1 DTT 3500 Digital Speakers
    Logitech Dual Optical Mouse
    Logitech WebCam Traveler
    Linksys EtherFast LNE100TX / Linksys EtherFast 10/100 Switch
    Linksys EPSX3 EtherFast 3-Port Printserver

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    Sorry traveler, I dont use that app.

    Have you tried their faq?

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