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    I just installed the new amd IIx4 965be 3.4hz, but it seems to me that it runs a little hot. Can anyone tell me some temps for stock and oc settings that I can expect?

    Thanks, Ken

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    if you are running a stock HSF, they will run HOT under load (over 70C will be seen sometimes)..

    would help to know what temps you are actually getting


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      Temps at idle with settings at
      cpu bus = 200
      cpu voltage = 1.325 I had to lower it from what it came up at when I first installed it at 1.4 volt.
      northbridge = 1.15
      ram is set at = 1.6
      idel temp 33c = 91f
      working hard folding with cpu it reaches 44c to 51c

      this is all with my cpu cooler I used on my duel core, a Zalman CNPS8000 CPU Cooler - Socket 775, AM2/AM2+, AM3, 754, 939, 940.
      The stock cooler needs to be lapped before I could use it, and as I am going to go water cooling I decided not to do that yet. Although it might be a 3 to 5 weeks before I can use water cooling.

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        those temps are about right. about the same as i got with my 955be


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          Thanks for the info!


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            Well, I left my pc folding today while I was at work. I was folding with both the GPU and the client server cpu and the cpu only got up to 56c at stock settings. So I guess it is going to work pretty well for me till I get the new 8 core.
            Thanks again, Ken
            Oops my bad I had it slightly oc'ed @ 3605mhz with 206mhz on the cpu bus frequency.
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