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Again, and again...

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Well here I am with my 4th back injury in 5 years, same spot, same pain and most likely same old bullsh!t with the medical company. Physio says a minimum of 3 weeks, but of course that could extend into months, depending on my healing rate. Of course my mom tells me to get another job, which is pretty hard to do when you've been working with the same company for 17 years(hard to leave my boss after so long).

Anyhow, just thought I'd share this with you guys.
See you next entry

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  1. Just Learnin''s Avatar
    Major bummer, really hope that you heal quickly Jeff. Mom is probably making a lot of sense here though. Crippled for life is not a price I would pay to show my dedication, your boss would understand.

  2. lakeside2189's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your back Bud..I do know where you are at... The back effects everything!!!
    I took a fall many years back and crushed L5 and 4..They did surgery on both and a few things on my front that got damaged in the fall...since then I have wore out L3- L2..
    I have to go for those steriod injections every 3 months or so...

    sometimes I can screw it up just turning to talk to someone....

    I wish you is a battle..I remember seeing you on a roof I think in a pic on here...It was a beautiful Pic...I think that was you...I remember thinking if I did what he was doing i would be in the bed for 2 weeks...I still do electrical work for the Catholic Diocese but never know what each day will bring...

    anyway..GoodLuck....God Speed!!!!
  3. nutcase's Avatar
    sorry to hear about that! hope you are feeling better!

    I also have a back problem, but Luckily mine is just caused by muscle spasms I sometimes get.

    and Thanks for being my first Blog Poster!
  4. Sir Golitech's Avatar
    Everything is looking good, the doc says I should be good to go in a couple of more weeks.
    Medical is hassle free this time round to Cheque is in the mail
  5. Sir Golitech's Avatar
    Well today was the first day back, and boy did it feel good to work again. I was getting pretty bored the last 2 weeks. But hey I got a lot done around the house finally.
    -Finished the patio
    -Trimmed out the truck
    All light work, nothing to extreme.
  6. Snafu's Avatar
    I hope all is going well. Is your back still holding up?
  7. Sir Golitech's Avatar
    Still going strong, back is good. Finally have some competent workers, so I don't have to do so much.