Bad Internet Providers

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Oh what a day. Only a couple days ago I returned from a splendid vacation. Life was wonderful and I was relaxed. Funny how things can change so quickly. Today I spent a bit of time on the phone to the company that provides me my internet. For the past five months I have been having problems due to the recent update they had done. Since that time I have been trying to get someone here to do repairs to the box on the pole so that I might be able to enjoy the services that I pay $65.00 a month for. For some strange reason, the paid service man has no intentions on climbing that pole and has given bogus reasons for not showing up ... one being ... my phone was busy when he tried to call. Another one is that he wants the dog feces cleaned up .. (there is not dog feces around that pole and the pole isn't even in my yard). I'll be honest with you ... I would love to see the guy get fired. I had enough appointments and yet .... no show. I have decided to post my test results from on and I will reveal the name of my provider. I may also post it on a few other sites then send the company a link to their free advertisements just like I enjoy the services I pay $65.00 a month for.

BTW, this was my first blog post. Felt good to share some of the crap from my day. Hope you enjoyed the read.

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