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  1. Wind generator

    I have so far made 3 different stator coils to test what kind of output I get with different turns of wire. But it has been so many years since I used a volt/ohm meter that I was having a hard time figuring out anything. I finally got it worked out, and I recently bought an anemometer to track wind speeds, then last week I bought an LCD Digital photo tachometer that can measure from 5-100000 RPM. And it can do it from 2" to 20" away. I will use it to determin my rotor speed during my generator ...
  2. Wind Power Generator

    Yeah..... I'm going to try to build my own Wind Power Gen/ Alt from scratch. I will be winding my own coils and useing MagnetsI purchased online. High power ( NEODYMIUM) Rare Earth Magnets.

    This will probably take me close to a year to complete, as I have to buy a few things I need, a little at a time. The major being the Batteries. I am planning on going with Deep cycle 6 volt Batteries in multiples of 2 for a 12 volt system then maybe later a 24 volt system. The batteries will be ...
  3. Baja pics so far

  4. Bad Internet Providers

    Oh what a day. Only a couple days ago I returned from a splendid vacation. Life was wonderful and I was relaxed. Funny how things can change so quickly. Today I spent a bit of time on the phone to the company that provides me my internet. For the past five months I have been having problems due to the recent update they had done. Since that time I have been trying to get someone here to do repairs to the box on the pole so that I might be able to enjoy the services that I pay $65.00 ...
  5. 1970 VW Baja project

    Well, this is my first blog.

    I am reserving it to upload pics, and talk about my VW BAja project, that has just entered into the 10 year mark.
    It has also just entered the 'ok, I am REALLY going to finish it now' phase.

    I just took it to the body shop Monday (8-8-2011).
    Hopefully they can jump on it, and get it done by the end of the month.
    Body work and paint.
    It is going to be painted HardHat, Corvette, or Viper yellow.
    The brighter ...
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