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    I am sorry I have not posted this earlier. I have had to put this on hold for now as where I live I can only put a windmilll up to a height of 35 ft. that would not get it above the surrounding neighborhood trees. Hopefully I can find a place outside of the city where I can put one up higher.

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    Hello Lakeside!
    Yeah we have a huge windmill farm just about 35 miles from here. Any time we head to San Francisco we pass right through the middle of it.

    Ok, I bought and received my magnets, I went with round ones 3/4"x1/2". These little buggers are more powerfull than I thought they would be. I took one of them and started trying to see how much one could lift. I didn't have a flat piece of steel for it to grab onto, I used a 7" to 8" round fan cage, and added weight to it till I could not hold it up with my index finger and thumb grasping the magnet anymore. I had around 7.5 pounds in it. Not bad for a flat magnet on a round surface.
    I also bought some 16 Gauge magnet wire, or motor wire. I only bought 2.5 pounds right now. I will need to get more later, as this will not be enough for all the coils I will need to wind. It sure was cheaper to buy it at a local armature repair shop than online anywhere I have found. Almost half the price.
    While I was trying to place two of the magnets on a disk so that I could see what kind of power I could get out of it with a spin by hand one of the mags jumped up to the one I was trying to set down near it with a mighty force chipping one of them. They are pretty fragile/ Brittle so you need to be very carefull with them.

    Well thats all I got for now.

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    I left this comment before..I dont see here goes..I was in Canada this summer and saw some big ones I guess were for the city or Province...I also saw some small ones for farms....saw one at a winery in Nova Scotia...really cool...Goodluck