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08-12-2009, 05:02 PM
Sorry to crap on your Section 8 Parade guys, but it is really bad. I'm beta testing it right now. The problem is that it's bad by design. Let me explain:

When you (or I) play a FPS, people should die fast and often. I don't want to sit there shooting my target for more than 10 seconds unless they are hardcore and we're dodging each other. Section 8 was intentionally designed for longer fights, allowing you to take a lot of punishment before succumbing to death. The problem is that it takes much too long. The other problem is that the guns are incredibly inaccurate. Even if you use the Lock-On feature, it's still hard to hit your target. It reminds me a lot of the original Halo in that the assault rifle (whatever it's called) had a stupidly huge spray and no accuracy until you were in their face, in which case melee'ing them to death was just faster.

Graphically, Section 8 is average. It's not ugly but it's not great. Nothing I'd be excited to tell my friends about anyway. The guns look pretty cool but for the most part they're bland in general.

The Jetpack functionality sounds amazing on paper but it's pretty pointless. It's cool to blast off the very first time but then the excitement goes away pretty quickly. You can run and then use the jetpack for extra height and range but again it doesn't add to the gameplay except to prolong already excruciatingly long and boring fire fights.

The sounds are your typical fare, with nothing worth noting.

But behind this crap shack of a game, there are a few respectable points that I'd love to see imbued into future FPS titles:

1) When you sprint for prolonged periods of time, you eventually enter something of a Burst mode. You hear this really neat effect like a sonic boom (not Guile's) and then your character goes blazing fast! It's great to experience and honestly I loved doing it over and over. It doesn't stop when you get shot either, you can keep going at full speed.

2) NO MORE SPAWN CAMPING WOOHOO! When you die, your shown a top-down view of the map, similar to CoD and Battlefield. After that, you can choose to spawn with group members or you can manually select ANY spot on the map to spawn. There are no pre-determined spots. So once you've chosen your respawn method, you enter your first person character again and you're shot down toward the ground with the wind sheering past you, slight glowing around the visor and makes you feel like a comet entering the atmosphere! Oh god damn it's so freaking cool! Once you're close enough, your distance meter will turn red and you'll hear a warning siren going off.

At this point you can press a button to (my guess) open front thrusters to slow your decline, or you can go full blast til you hit the ground. If you slow yourself down then once you hit the ground you are free to instantly move around and shoot whatever you want. If you don't slow yourself down, you'll smash into the ground with an incredibly satisfying impacting thud, one hand balled in a fist as if you've donkey-punched the ground (+5 points if you know what that is :rotflmao:) and the other hand is an open palm as if bracing yourself on contact. The problem with this is that you can't do anything for a few seconds until you stand up completely.

So, in other words, I had more fun respawning than I did playing the actual game. It's very sub-par at the moment and I most definitely do not recommend it to anyone looking for a balls deep, engrossing and adrenaline filled FPS.

Sorry Dave... I know you had your eye on it. Keep in mind this is just my take, but I'm a FPS junky at heart and in life. Truly disappointed... :irk:

08-12-2009, 05:57 PM
Ahh, man.
Sorry to hear it.

But at least I got 5 points out of it !!!!

Well, this one was on my 'get a demo version and check it out first' list, tbh.
But, it did look promising.
And I keep hoping that a fast action true fps balls to the wall unrealistic game will come out so I can finally stop playing Q3 all the dang time.

I signed up for the beta, but they said I wasnt qualified.
I wont buy it just cause of that !!!!!!

Thanks for the info.

09-13-2010, 12:22 PM
Well, seems there will be a sequal to this game.
AND, it will have a single player experience.
I will probably check it out, since I only buy for SP anyway.